To live abundant

“To be present in great quantity”.

What if we all lived in the present moment in great quantity without thinking about the past or the future most of the time?
What would happen if we truly learnt to do that?
What would it mean if we truly lived our present moments in abundance?
Is that even possible?
Is it really possible not to live in tomorrow?
Is it possible to just enjoy today?
To just enjoy this very second?
Would it mean we were not intelligent evolved beings, with responsibilities, worries, and doubts? Or would it mean that we may have learnt to really and truly live stress-free moments?
What would it feel like to truly JUST BE?

We believe that you set yourself free by accepting that you have the power to change.
You have the power to change your mind now, you have the power to realise that your
mind has an unlimited potential. You can learn and grow all the time.
You can learn to enjoy the present simply by becoming aware of it now.
You are living your present now, it is how you live it that makes all the difference to you and those around you. Acknowledge it, appreciate it, appreciate everything you have, everything you are part of.

Let yesterday be yesterday as you breath in today.
Plan ahead for tomorrow as you breath in today.
Let today flow through you in abundant quantities, notice everything around you, wherever you may be. You are more than enough because you are part of the universe and you can welcome this abundant thought with joy and delight.

When you start living your present, in great quantities you will see things you may have not seen before. Your senses will be heightened. You’ll notice smiles and windows, trees, pebbles and fingertips. You feel the breeze against your skin and you’ll hear sounds that you could not hear before, because your mind was elsewhere.

Tune into today, be present in great quantity and as you begin to get used to living and enjoying just living, your mindset will begin to change.
It will happen automatically, you will experience happiness more than ever before.
You will begin to live in the realm of infinite possibilities, a great place to be, a place filled with abundant smiles.
Iwan Hamid

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