Stay hungry

    We are all hungry. We should nourish ourself to stay hungry. Many of us is not able anymore to distinguish our hunger, that emptiness inside. We satisfy ourself with the wrong nourishment, feeding the wrong hunger of boredom and apathy. Our bodies are made to move, our brains are made for stimulation and information.
    We are also made for affection and love. We are made for social interaction. Millions of people sitting alone in isolation, bored, depressed and munching on comfort food. There are other hungers in life we all have, comfort  food is not the answer for staying evergreen and to grow to the direction you want.
    To move as you were designed to move, using your brain in a smart way, eating the healthy foods in moderation and interacting with others is the bonus when you live your life at the fullest. You were designed to get and stay  hungry at all levels and to stay evergreen by using your multiple intelligences.

    Just decide and work-out that master plan.