Resilient people are proactive and dare to jump into insecurity

To be resilient a man needs to be proactive. Being prepared to take a chance without having all the details is part of being resilient. Understanding and accepting risk is important though in accepting that risk, it should be well thought out in advance, in order that it can be lessened by having controls in place.

Resilience is, in part, about taking risks. Without taking risks we will not become resilient and unless we are resilient we will not feel safe in taking risks. It is important to our resilience that we accept that we will not win every time, we will take knocks and we’ll recover from them, this is what resilience is.
The risks that you take need to be considered, but not necessarily to the point of the risk being totally removed. The consideration given certainly doesn’t need to be to the point of procrastination.
As Mark Twain said, “The secret of success is getting started.” Take the available information and make your decision, remembering to give yourself a get out option if more and better information becomes available.
There is nothing wrong with believing that all is not well and having a degree of suspicion about the world around you. Being prepared for the problems that you may have to face up to will make them less scary when thy happen. Spend some time thinking in advance of the problems you may face and that cannot necessarily be controlled by you. Know what they are and what you will do to deal with them. Sure, you will still come across things you hadn’t planned for but when they arise you may be surprised to find that you already have mechanisms in place to deal with another issue that will suffice, at least in part, making the task easier to deal with.

When planning your potential responses it is sensible to think through all the available options, not ignoring those that haven’t worked in the past or sticking to the same old tried and tested methods and not choosing to not do something because we’ve never tried it before. Times, resources and situations may change, meaning that past failures can become future successes, past successes can be the failures of the future and previously untried choices may become our new reality. Remember though that you can only make a mistake once the second time you make it it has become a choice.

Make the choice and follow a program to build your resilience, I can help.