Creative vs. destructive communication

Creative communication is any communication that creates positive feelings (joy,happiness), understanding (compassion,concern), rapport, desire to work and –this is very important–the desire to communicate further.
It includes:
# using comfort zones (distances, spaces)
# employing open gestures that show interest (postures)
# attentive (active) listening
# being open to information (at least partial, not necessarily complete agreement)
# supporting idea generation ( nonverbal and verbal, including creativity boosters)

Destructive communication is the opposite. It destroys positive feelings and eliminates any desire to communicate further.
It includes:
# breaking comfort zones (distances, spaces)
# employing closed, passive, aggressive, or other negative gestures
# refusing to listen, or using passive/aggressive listening
# negating the information
# throwing “punches” (interruptions, threats, criticism, offensive remarks, creativity squelchers)

On the social level, communication is the starting point for both creation and destruction! All good is fragile means that everything positive is easy to destroy. It takes years of hard labor from parents, grandparents, friends to create a good person; however one bullet can destroy that person’s life.
Creation from this point of view is achieving harmony and finding a way for many parts to work together. Creation needs tuning, ear training, organizing, and delicate work. Destruction, on the other hand is a way to chaos– no special skills are needed. Any person can take a hammer and destroy the world’s most beautiful sculpture. Naturally, the way down is easier than the way up.
Conclusion: Creative communication creates relations and leads to succes, while requiring energy, work, and love of people. Destructive communication destroys and leads to failure and require almost nothing.
Choose well and enjoy the bonding, extra bonus of your internal and external communication.
Have a fabulous day.