Radical acting!

    I have a radical acting proposition:
    What if you took your goal – the one you’ve been struggling
    to attain for, well, for-freakin’-forever, and haven’t hit yet
    and –
    Wait for it…
    Did EXACTLY the opposite?
    For instance:
    Seems like everyone and their brother is on or still
    on a fat loss program
    Not a problem unless you’ve been on a fat loss program
    for the last 2 years. (You know who you are.)
    Why don’t you go on a pure strength program instead
    and quit worrying so much about intermittent fasting,
    EPOC, and MCTs to “speed up your metabolism.”

    Have I lost my mind?
    Have I gone absolutely bonkers?
    No, not in the slightest.
    Look, if you’re overweight and haven’t reached your
    goals yet, here’s a novel idea for you:
    Get as strong as you freakin’ can.
    Because you’ll most likely burn more calories accidentally
    lifting heavy big a$$ weights than you ever will doing
    yet another swing challenge.
    Don’t believe me?
    Check this out:
    When I was arguably at peak condition, I did a 5 rep max
    with my squat, deadlift, bench and wore a heart rate monitor.
    My heart rate went to 187 bpm and it was “only” 5 reps.
    What do you think your heart rate would do if you did
    that type of training?

    It would work, HARD, that’s what it would do.
    You would burn a ton of calories, probably grow some
    muscle, and get stronger so you could do a lot more work
    than you currently can.
    More work = more calories burned = more fat peeled off
    your body.

    Get the work done and njoy the results!