Choose the simple steps.

    Life is busy so choose wisely.
    With all the businesses I,m doing and coaching others to reach their top of excellence and still staying in top shape on my age of 55.
    So I’m pretty swamped.That’s enough for me for right now.
    I’m sure that’s nothing compared to what you may have on
    your plate.
    There’s an inverse proportion between your stress levels
    and the complexity of your workouts and your nutrition.
    If you’re pinched for time, then you really should just take it
    easy and focus on a couple of “big viking balls– The Big viking
    Which ones are the Big viking balls?

    Big viking ball #1: Nutrition.
    If you want to get lean and stay lean, you just can’t go wrong
    with this very simple template:
    Meat, green veggies, berries.
    And every once in awhile, have your favorite meal.
    It’s that simple.

    Big viking ball #2: Strength.
    I think it was Jon pall Sigmarsson ( I had the lucky chance to massage him (long time ago) who said “strength is the glass. The bigger the glass, the more you can fill it”…
    The point is, the stronger you are, the more things you can do.
    You can build a bigger work capacity.You can get better conditioned.
    You can work harder, longer, more frequently, which of course
    is one of the best things you can do for fat loss.
    Don’t dismiss the simplicity of this template.

    In fact, if you want to see how it really breaks down, this
    is what it looks like:

    – 80% + of your results come from nutrition

    – 10-15% of your results come from your strength training

    – 5% of your results come from any sort of “cardio” or

    So you can keep neglecting your “diet” – pretending it doesn’t
    really matter and doing your one million swings or you can
    use the template I just provided you.

    Your choice.

    You might be wondering right now –
    “This sounds completely counter to everything I ever thought
    I knew – will it really work?”

    Sure you will. You just need to know which viking balls you have to move.
    Have a great day in becoming bulletproof in your strength and shape!
    Iwan the coach of the I,m possible.