Abundant life

It’s a life where when you are 99 years old, you can still enjoy your grandchildren and their children.
It’s a life where your children don’t have to take care of you when you are 80.
It’s a life where you are strong and have vitality until you leave this world.

Imagine about it. No parent wants their children to have to take care of them one day because they have become incapable of doing so.
No one wants to age just to be weak. No one wants to really settle for the notion that the best years of their life was the time between their twenties and their fifties.
What you want is to live. You want to have strength until you leave. You want to have joy, freedom, and vitality every day of your life.
You want to walk around knowing you are an able, capable, effective, valuable, contributor to the world, especially the immediate world (family, friends, neighbors) around you.
A person may think they want to lose weight. What they really want is to feel good about themselves. A person may think they want to run marathons.
What they really want is to be able to get up off the floor when they are 87 years old.

A person may think they want to climb a mountain, but what they really want is to be able to go for a walk with their children without aches, pains, or fears of aches and pains.
Yes, we may have immediate desires and goals, but really, every single day, what we really want is to feel good. To feel strong. Needed. Capable.
There is nothing wrong with having short term goals or desires. But just know that sometimes those goals mask what you are really after. Sometimes those goals may even take away from what you will one day truly desire.
Train. Exercise. Practice. Run. Do these things. Just remember what it is you really want: Freedom to enjoy your life always, every day, until you’re 120 and you finally decide you’ve been here long enough.
Regain your primal power . It is one of the best ways to ensure that you can have what you want – what you really want. I,m there to guide you.